Friday, March 02, 2007

Feather and Fan

Seven years ago, I was in a hospital bed living my own personal movie of the week. About this time every year, my thoughts turn to how lucky and unlucky we as a family have been. All of you who have been through your own movie of the week (and, really, who hasn't?) know what I'm talking about.

So, it amused me to no end when I realized what I was knitting. A little less than seven years ago, I sat in a NICU and knit this:

Don't look too close - it's pretty horrendous. One seam is still undone, and the ends were never woven in. No button at the top. It kept me sane whilst I sat in the NICU with the boys for a few months. That, and a bunch of preemie baby booties for my boys and some other little guys in the NICU. By the time it was done, I knew the boys were probably going to make it. I also knew that there was no way I'd have time to knit a second one. And, it was WAY too big for either one of them. After spending spring and summer at the hospital, we finally came home. Through the next three years when we struggled through our days, and then the four years of "normal" life that followed, this baby sweater sat around. It popped up from time to time, during a move or when I was reorganizing the craft closet. I thought about finishing it several times, but it never felt right. It was therapy for me, and I think it's finished just as it is. Time to pack it away.

This week, I finished a little something for myself.

Feather and fan strikes again. It's the first time I've knit it since that baby sweater. This is nylon/merino sock yarn from Cabin Cove - 'boquet'. I am happy to report that I can knit with (and wear) this wool. It's a teensy bit itchy on my feet, but I'm really sensitive. Knitting it didn't cause any breakouts on my hands; I'm surprised and amazed. If you have trouble knitting wool, try wool that's been treated to be machine washable. It's lovely.

This was my first toe up sock, and my first sock with a short-row heel.

Comfy cozy!

Started:Around 10 Feb 2007
Finished:28 Feb 2007
Pattern:Wendy's generic toe up sock + feather and fan, modified for my feet. 60 stitches around (could stand to be smaller), 72 on the leg for the feather and fan (note: switch to smaller needles next time.) I knit 7.25 inches before the heel, and that should be a little less, as well.
Yarn:Merino nylon sock yarn (80% washable wool, 20% nylon) from Cabin Cove Mercentile in the 'boquet' colorway.
Needles:My little metal 4" needles from addi, size 1.


Dave Daniels said...

Stacy, the baby sweater is SO cute. How about finishing it and having it professionally mounted in a deep frame with a few other little items? It's such a sweet thing, and it also has deep memories.
And those sock!?!?!? WOW! The pair I am working on now do not compare in any way to yours. Well, the pooling on the feet is similar, and I did plain stockinette ankles. Yours are SO great. Thanks for showing them off.

Lynn said...

Yes I totally get that Movie of the Week analogy of life. Sometimes if feels like the movie never ends, it just changes topic.
That sweater is BEAUTIFUL!!

Ann said...

What wonderful socks. Do you not love the stuff from the Mayor of Cabin Cove? I finished mine today too...

I'me with Dave, that's a great idea for the sweater...

Zoe said...

The socks are really lovely and of course so is the yarn.