Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Its amazing how having my boys opened up my world. I'm the sort of person that goes through a store with a smile, but doesn't really talk with anyone. I'm not anti-social; just terribly introverted. Backwards, as my kindergarten teacher used to say.

Some of my shyness has fallen by the wayside as I've gotten older; even more has fallen away since having the boys. Tweedledee, in particular, will chat up anyone he meets. And, not surprisingly, they chat right back - he can be rather engaging.

So, it's no surprise that I'm on a first name basis with many of the pharmacists that we see at our neighborhood Target. What's a little more surprising is that one of them - we'll call her Em - calls out to the boys whenever she sees us pass down an aisle, or stops by the cafe if she sees us there having a snack. If the boys spend their allowance on something, they want to go by the pharmacy to show Em. She's one of those natural kid-people. Happily, Em just gave birth to her first little one. He showed up a bit ahead of schedule, but everyone is doing fine.

For Em, I jumped in and made my first Baby Surprise sweater. I love that this:

folds up and turns into this:

Too cool. I love me some Fun with Geometry. Tweedled'oh and I picked out these buttons:

The little guy has an Irish name, so it works out well.

As for the pattern, I had a smidge of trouble. I'm great with mindless knitting, and difficult knitting. It turns out that mostly-mindless knitting trips me up. It's not hard enough to keep my attention, so my mind wanders off and the next thing I know, I see that I very visibly messed up an increase six rows down. *sigh* Rip. Do over. Pay attention for a few rows. Repeat ad nauseam.

Details, details:

Started:31 January 2007
Finished:Knitting - 26 Mar 2007
Finishing - 2 Mar 2007
Pattern:Baby Surprise, from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop
Yarn:Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK. 50% acrylic microfiber, 50% nylon. Lovely and soft; I'd use it again.
I picked up the buttons at Jo Ann's. I can't find the button card to tell you the brand.
Needles:Circular aluminums, size US 5 (I think.)


Dave Daniels said...

It's amazing what kids can do. My sis was the same way. Now, four boys later, she's become quite the social butterfly.
Cute little foldy sweater.

Lynn said...

Ok I LOVE this sweater!! I've heard abt it but I've never seen it. My library doesnt carry any books by EZ and neither does the local JoAnn's so I never get to browse thru them. THIS is fantastic!!

Tobi said...

That came out really nice. :) I like it. I'll have to give it a whirl sometime.

Ann said...

That sweater is wonderful. I think I need that book..or at least to see if I can find it at the library.

Sus said...

Great little sweater! I just might have to try that one of these days! (must finish WIPs... must finish WIPs...)