Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Sky - 24 February

This afternoon's sky, Photoshopped for fun (the real one was a more uniform blue.)


Dave Daniels said...

Even Photoshopped, that's a pretty damned good sky!

Lynn said...

Is that the sun behind some clouds with the moon??? OMG that is gorgeous!!

Ann said...

HEY!....I saw your Secret Photo in my bloglines and now the page is gone...listen here MISSY you get that posted back out there RIGHT NOW!

I was able to save the photo to my computer..he he he..if you don't I will!

tricia said...

Hi Stacy,

My LYS here in East Stroudsburg, PA, has Panda Wool. I have some on my needles now. Mountain Knits and Pearls. No idea where you are though.


P.S. the yarn wrapper is sweet too!