Saturday, July 01, 2006

Two Generations of Knitters

This is the first time I've knitted the exact same pattern that my dear mother has knit, and had the results to compare side-by-side. Now that I see them, it makes me question... just how big a hole should a YO leave? My blankie has big, lacy holes between each 'v' of the ripple pattern. My mother's blankie, by contrast, has very tight 'v's with an almost imperceptible set of YO holes. These blankets were knit from the same brand and weight of yarn. Her blanket (the green) is a bit stretched from six years of my son's love.

I don't know if she really tightens her tension in the next row, or if I don't tighten enough. I already know that I knit much more loosely than the lady in question. My hands would cramp if I knit like she manages to do!

So, dear readers, how do your YOs go? Lacy, or not-so-much? Thanks for any advice.

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Paul said...

Wow! That's really cool that you have hers to compare to. it looks to me like your "looser" YO's have given your blanket a deeper "v" in the pattern than her "tighter" YO"s. I don't think that really makees a difference. My YO's are kinda on the more open, looser side. Both blankets are beautiful!