Saturday, July 15, 2006

15 July Saturday Sky

Today once again found me at the library, so I took more sky pictures. A storm was moving through, and the sky was different everywhere I looked. So, please indulge me in multiple sky pictures. I couldn't help myself!

Today was our first week back at home schooling, so I didn't get a lot of crafting done. However, I did manage to make this little guy for one of the boys. As you can probably see, she's a little the worse for wear already from a few days of kid love. The other kidlet has ordered a snake, and I am resisting the urge to make him just the right size to swallow the mouse.

Started:Week of 10 July 2006
Finished:Week of 10 July 2006
Pattern:This little guy was made from another Kristie pattern.
Yarn:Caron Simply Soft Acrylic in pink and white.
Notes:4mm amythest beads for eyes; stuffed with polyester fiberfill. If I make the pattern again, I will alter the bit just before the tail, and also make the tail longer.
Hook:Boye aluminum, size F


Dave Daniels said...

Beautiful clouds.
Those little critters are just too cute. I LOVE my turtle and snail! Thank you!

Paul said...

The sky pics are amazing. Thanks! And that little mouse is the cutest!

Stacy said...

Hey, guys! Thanks for stopping by. :)