Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hey, I DO own a Viking!

Guess what I found today? My sewing machine. I had a sneaking suspicion that I still owned one. Sure enough - after moving a computer keyboard and mouse, some tesselating clay tiles (ancient history project courtesy of the little ones), an old family reunion photo, and a lot of fabric scraps... voila! A Viking!

I also found an ironing board, some pins, and some unfinished curtains. To top it off, I sewed another piece on the curtains just to make it all feel worthwhile.

Sometimes, progress is progress even if it isn't worth taking a picture.

So, to amuse you all, I give you a picture of something else I found this week:

These little lovelies were hanging out in my needle box. I came across them while looking for a set of dpns for a hat. Alas, they were the wrong size. But, seeing them threw me back into my childhood. Before I could blink, I was immersed in a full sense memory of sitting on a red vinyl swivel stool at the lunch counter at Woolworth's with my mom, eating grilled cheese. The memory comes complete with chinging cash register and the sound of shoppers milling around the store, though it doesn't come with the smell of food. Funny.

No, I didn't buy these needles at Woolworth's; they were given to me by an older lady a few years ago since she had given up knitting. It must have been the photo on the front of the package that did it.

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