Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mama, can boys knit?

The question above was delivered by Super Boy, who just turned six a few weeks ago. "Of COURSE they can," I assured him. Inwardly, I cringed at what I knew was coming, as I don't think he has the fine motor skills to get the needles and the yarn moving yet. Quick, a distration! I flipped over to another browser tab, where I luckily had a new blog up (Blithering Knitiot).

"See these? They were knit by a man."

"Is he my age?"

"Uhm, no. He's a grown-up."

I flipped over to the Cabin Cove site. "See this yarn?" (Super Boy oohed and aahed - he has fine color sense.) "It was dyed by a man, too." Super Boy's eyes sparkled and danced. I am positive he was mentally constructing hats and socks for Mama to knit.

The Question was successfully diverted. That is, until later that day when we made it to the yarn shop. Someone, in their infitine wisdom, had placed a "How to Knit" kit right at six-year-old-boy eye level. *sigh* I told him that perhaps I'd teach him sometime soon. I'm just afraid that he'll find it "too hard" and then won't touch it again. That's what happened to me when I was just about his age; I took up crochet and scorned knitting for years after. Ah, well, we'll see how it goes. He seems to have forgotten it, for now.


Dave Daniels said...

Thanks for sharing that, it's really a sweet story. And, yes, boy AND girls can do anything they want to. And it's ok. lol

Paul said...

"Is he my age?"

What a sweet, innocent question, and a wonderful post. And no, I've not been his age in forever and a day. Thanks for including me, and have a great day!

P.S. - Dave is absolutely right!

Stacy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by - you two just made my morning.