Thursday, April 20, 2006

3 Mississippi

Two days out from the yarn store visit, and this is what we have. Yes, I chose the most unflattering angle possible for my lumpy bumpy ribbing. I'm not sure whether it's knitting on dpns for the first time in years, the itty bitty needles, or the yarn itself. I think we'll just say it's ME, and hope it gets better on the next sock.

The yarn is Katia Mississippi 3, in the lovely color '408'. In person, it is a perfect denim color. I walked in to the shop to buy some Cascade Fixation and wooden dpns, and walked out with Mississippi 3 and metal needles. But, it happened in a nice sort of way; not in the "what just happened here" whirlwind sort of way.

I started a lovely tiger-eye lace toe-up sock right when I got home (after swatching for gauge, of course.) After working through the hard part of the toe, I realized that the lace probably wouldn't stay up due to the lack of elastic or lycra in the yarn. So, I frogged and started a simpler lace pattern. I'll save the other for springier yarn.

As I was taking the above photo this morning, fretting about the lumpy stitches and how little I've accomplished on it in two days, Super Boy peeked over the back of our overstuffed chair to see what I was doing. "WOW, Mama, you knit ALL THAT?! Cool!" Trust a little one to see anything with wonder-filled eyes.

Of course, his next question was, "Will you teach ME to knit?" Heh. I should have known; he forgets nothing.


Diana said...

I like the color of the yarn. I think those bumps will be okay after they are washed.

Stacy said...

Thanks, Diana. We can only hope!

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, I've never seen knitting on toothpicks. Those are really small needles. Are they a 0 or 1? Amazing.

Stacy said...

Those are my new addis - US 1. And, yes, they FEEL like toothpicks to me right now!