Friday, December 01, 2006

Shhhh! He's twacking a meme!

OK, as doctoral theses go, this guy has a cool one - he has postulated the way a meme spreads on the 'net. He wishes all of us to participate by spreading this little nugget around the blogosphere in a way that he can track. I'm not one for pleading or cajoling, but do consider participating. I remember being a grad student, and the more data the better! Besides, he has a sense of humor:

"...a script I've written will track this meme (via Technorati) across the internet in 10 minute intervals. It will record the number of links to this post, register their authority and create a database the very size of which will cause my poor processor to fall tumbling, in flames, down a steep cliff. (So be it. We all must makes sacrifices in the name of science.)"

Heh. Go forth and help. His plea and instructions are here.

(For anyone who cares, I found this meme through Mamacate's blog.)

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