Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'd Burn it in Effigy...

...but it would smell too much.

While up in Ohio last month, I was hit with the urge to knit. Anything. NOW. So, when we went into a store for something else and Tweedledee fell in love with some yarn, I agreed to make him a hat.

So what if the yarn is little ugly. And fuzzy. And acrylic. I'm okay with that. I buy the yarn and new needles, and set to work. And lose stictches. It's impossible to tell a knit from a purl in this stuff, let alone find a dropped stitch. The dropped stich mocks me; I know it's there, but it hides. It gloms onto nearby stitches with its fuzzy little fingers, promising to run a bit later when I stop looking for it. Ah, but I KNOW it's there. I won't stop looking until I've frantically pushed and pulled on every part of the hat, trying to get it to run a bit so I can SEE it. Insidious little bugger won't move. Oh well; it's only been 5 inches. I'll fix that stitch. Cackling, I frog the entire thing and start again. Five inches and another lost stitch later, I do it again. And, yes, a third time, albeit without the cackling this time. It is not lost on me at this point that I could have made the hat twice over by now.

So, I proudly claim defeat and knit this instead:

It's too big for him, and it makes me cringe because the cast on is too tight. But, he loves it, and that is what counts.

Started:21 November 2006
Finished:2 December 2006
Pattern:You must be joking.
Yarn:Lion brand Lion Suede, Color #110 (Denim). Less than a skein.
Needles:Clover 7" bamboo dpns, size US 8
Notes:Decreased every row at top to see what a boxier hat top would be like. Don't do that again. Bamboo needles with suede yarn is grippy-yarn-overkill. Didn't need ends to keep stitches from slipping off the needle, but also had to fight with the yarn. Don't do that again, either.

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