Monday, May 08, 2006

One Down...

One down, and one to go. This is the first sock where my kitchener stitch actually worked out as it was supposed to. Kudos to Amy Finlay and her lovely video. I've kitchenered[1] from written instructions before, but the video made it all clear. Thank you!

I tried to use a light bulb as a darning egg, but the toe on this sock pattern is just as triangular as the heel and I couldn't fit it into the seam. A big marble might have done, though.

As an aside, I bought some wild fabric this weekend with the intention of making a tiered skirt. It's not going to happen, though, so said material needs a new lease on life. Maybe a kid-shirt. Who knows. For now, it's getting packed away until I finish those curtains. Thought I forgot about them, didn't you?

[1] Yes, it's a verb now.

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