Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Little Dab of Paint

A cutie patootie in my life has just turned seven. She's just fallen in love with skating, so I stenciled her a little tank top for her birthday.

This was done with glittery purple paint, using a freezer paper stencil of a silouette I found on the web. This is the first freezer paper stencil I've done for painting purposes, though I've used them for applique before. I'm impressed with the amount of detail that is possible (those fingers are tiny, people!) I used the directions from the Angry Chicken for my project.

Best of all, she liked it. Whew! Ya never know 'til it's opened.


Dave Daniels said...

I love sillouhettes (sp?), and that is really cute. It's no wonder she liked it, it's GREAT!

Stacy said...

Thanks, Dave!