Monday, October 30, 2006

Sock Wars - Round Two

Saturday: Finished socks. Weighed socks. Went on research binge to figure out how to send socks to Norway with reasonable efficiency and without breaking the bank.

I ended up using Global Priority Mail from the post office. Huge envelope, flat rate fee of $8.50, and no hassle. I probably could have mailed it for less by weight, but the free Tyvek envelope looked like it could really take a beating without tearing up. Let's hope!

Today: Mailed socks, went to wild Halloween party full of kids, followed by piano lessons for one of my guys. Need to make dinner.

Tonight: Imminent collapse.

Started:19 October 2006
Finished:28 October 2006
Pattern:Yarn Monkey's International Sock of DOOM
Yarn:Ball band MIA. 100% mercerized cotton, in a dark bluish green. One ball per sock, with a bit left over on each.
Needles:Old pink aluminums, size US 5
Notes:This stuff is like knitting with string - no sproing at all. I hope the ribbing is enough to keep everything conforming to my victim's feet.
I received half of a sock from Julie in CA - she'd turned the heel - and finished the pair for MagFly in Norway.

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