Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Here, and then gone

Blogger is being finicky this week; if you're reading this, I managed to stay on long enough to post.

I proudly displayed my pointy sticks during lunch at Panera Bread on Worldwide Knit in Public day last Saturday. Not another knitter was in sight, and I registered at least one sidelong glance from folks at another table. Mission accomplished, though I didn't get much done between sitting, eating, and making sure my spawnlings didn't do anything they shouldn't. :D

The blankie is coming along. I don't know what possessed me to buy acrylic yarn for this thing. Well, okay, I *do* know what possessed me. I thought it would be lighter and airier than cotton, I can't knit with wool or animal fiber, and I wanted something that Mom can throw in the wash when unmentionable bodily fluids get all over it. That said, I'm now wishing I'd picked a nice, soft cotton. Live and learn. It's too late to go back now, so I'm pressing on. My boys still love the blankies Grandma made from this same yarn, so I figure the baby won't care. :)

I'm also hoping to get the little one set up with a travel quilt for days at the park. But, first blankie's first.

Status on curtains: stalled. Yarn dyeing: need to get the dye. All my other unfinished projects: currently forgotten.

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